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7 Key Features That Your Handheld Vacuum Must Have

More people are now buying handheld and cordless vacuum cleaners as purchasing a full-sized vacuum is usually too expensive for most people. If you have only a few small rugs in your home rather than floor to wall carpeting, then there is no point in buying a huge vacuum. You can always go for a flexible and affordable handheld version. There is also a huge range of features available in handheld vacuums.

However, it is very important to properly research before purchasing one. Some of the most essential features that you should look in your handheld vacuum include:

1.     Quality

The first point is to be clear about is the quality of the vacuum. Regardless of how many rooms you want to cover or how often you plan to use your cleaners, you can never compromise on the quality as it will cost you more in long run. Determine the material it is made of and find out how long it will last you with regular use. Depending on your preferences, you can then choose the right one for you.

2.     A Good Battery Life

This is one of the most important features that should be taken in consideration. For prolonged cleaning sessions, a vacuum cleaner should be able to work for extended periods of time. The longer the battery, the easier it will be for you to properly clean the carpets and rugs.  

3.     Sufficient Capacity

A vacuum cleaner with a small storage capacity cannot clear huge amounts of dust and debris unless it is emptied frequently. If you want to clean multiple rooms or have one large room, you should definitely go for a handheld vacuum cleaner with a higher capacity. However, if your usage is limited, you can always use models with smaller containers.

4.     Options for Dry and Wet Cleanup

If you want to have additional features in your vacuum cleaner, you should go for one with the wet/dry function. It will you help in picking up dry as well as wet spills from your carpets and floor.

5.     High Power

If you want a durable vacuum cleaner that lasts for a long time and can be easily maintained, you should go for one with a higher power. The performance of a vacuum cleaner is directly related to the number of amps or volts it uses. This is a very important element to take in consideration if you want your vacuum to function smoothly throughout the cleaning process.

6.     Strong Motors

If you want to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, you should go for one with a powerful motor. You can also buy a cleaner with multiple motors to increase the efficiency of your equipment.

7.     Plenty of Filters

Make sure that your handheld vacuum has multiple filters installed in it as they help in keeping dust particles from being released in the air. If you want your filters to be effective and efficient over longer periods of time, you should go for washable filters. Although costlier, they will save you from a lot of maintenance expenses in the future. Buying handheld vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters is highly recommended. 



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