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All About Video Surveillance Systems

Living in the 21st century has provided humankind with luxuries his ancestors never had the chance to enjoy. Technology has improved significantly, paving the way for better health care, improved teaching methods, and faster and cheaper means of communication.

Perhaps one of technologys most useful contributions lies in the field of security. Traditional measures often included having a team of security personnel manning the area, which was both expensive and impractical. In this modern age, areas are digitally monitored with the help of new age cameras and other similar devices.

Over the years, video surveillance systems, have rapidly increased in popularity because of the security they offer to both homes and business establishments. These systems are composed of a chain of interlinked video cameras that are observed by security personnel in a central monitoring room. Its more cost-effective than the traditional system, while offering the same amount of protection.

The complexity of these surveillance systems varies to address the different needs of people efficiently. Business establishments frequented by a lot of individuals, like shopping malls and fast food chains, would opt to have cameras with the video recording function installed. This type of surveillance system allows easy access to an archive of footages that will be useful when tracking down suspicious activities.

On the other hand, the more advanced type of video surveillance can be synced with the owners gadgets through its Internet connectivity feature. This function triggers an alarm system to notify its owners of any suspicious movement and provides them with easy access to the footages. This is the top choice of homeowners who often leave for business trips, or for warehouses that require little monitoring.

Of course, video surveillance systems are not limited to monitoring indoor activities. Cameras are also strategically placed in areas where high criminal activities are recorded, like in dark alleys and secluded compounds.

Some cities have these surveillance systems installed in their busiest areas, which function both as a warning for motorists to avoid the heavily congested roads and as a tracking mechanism for traffic violators. Other areas where these cameras can be installed are in public parks, banks, offices, factories and other similar establishments.

Perhaps the biggest concern that civil rights activists have against these surveillance systems is the violation of ones privacy. This argument has already been thwarted on the grounds that public safety and security are also of importance, but these cameras may be installed in limited areas only.

To conclude, video surveillance systems are effective in tracking down and monitoring the different activities in a particular area. While they help in solving crimes that have already been committed, by providing the investigators with the necessary evidence, they also function as a useful instrument for crime prevention.


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