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Decking Tips: The Advantages Of Merbau

For some who are already familiar with the art of decking, you might agree that Merbau wood is simply one of the reliable and best choices one can get for decking. And for those who are not yet familiar with this wood, let this introduce and convince you as to why merbau decking is simply your best choice for this activity.

It gives you the best value for your money

Merbau, Ipil or Kwila as it is known throughout Asian countries, is a very abundant hardwood found in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Due to the abundant supply, it makes merbau one of the cheapest hardwoods or timber out there. But not because it is cheap means it compromises quality. In fact, merbau is among the top high quality timbers out there for decking. It is perfectly strong with a Janka hardness rating of 8.6. Janka hardness rating is a scale used to determine how much force a wood can take before it bends, snaps or breaks. merbau's classification allows it to withstand significant amount of weight and support it perfectly, while still being durable, lightweight and supple enough for effortless cutting, reshaping etc.

This quality of merbau makes it a perfect decking choice since it is strong but not overwhelmingly so that DIY builders will have a hard time cutting or manipulating it. There are some hardwoods that might be stronger and withstand heavier amount of weight or pressure than merbau, these are true to their nature of being "hardwoods". They're so hard you'll also have a hard time cutting or shaping it and would require high-power tools to do so. merbau is perfectly balanced in this regard. It is also very cost efficient. Did you know that your merbau decking can last 30 years? No? Well here's why…

It requires very little to no maintenance

Regular timber decks require some lovin' from time to time: a polish here and there, some slather of anti-fungus or anti-termite decking oil at least once a year et cetera. Although these preventive maintenance measures are good both in the cause of aesthetics and preservation, it can be a lot of work (and also expenses!). But with merbau you would need very little to none of these finishing touches.

Inherently merbau wood already has some oil in it and a high tannin content making it very resistant to weathering and decay, as well as termite attack. Its natural oil also gives it a polished look already. Most softwood timber will deteriorate after a few years because they are very susceptible to moisture. Merbau on the other hand, is naturally found in countries with very high humidity and rainfall which makes it quite resistant and unaffected by moisture or rotting no matter the weather. This makes it your perfect choice for outdoor installations.

Overall, merbau is quite a favorite among deck builders. It is very accessible, cheap and the quality is just insanely the best. So choose merbau decking for your projects and we guarantee you, you wouldn't regret your choice.


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