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Discover The Beauty Of Wooden Window Shutters

Wooden window shutters have been used throughout history to add security, offer privacy, and add a decorative element to a property. At first, they were used to cover window cavities - which themselves were empty, because sheets of glass were either not available or prohibitively expensive. Today, wooden shutters are used decoratively instead of purely functionally.

Wooden shutters add a nice rustic look to your home. Plantation style shutters, in particular, are very homely and are a great focal point, while also offering a lot in terms of function. They are stylish, simple, and practical, and can add both a sense of warmth and a bit of beauty to your room.

Shutters go great with traditional decor, but they can also fit an eclectic design, and they're versatile enough to suit modern homes as well, especially if you opt for a simple, solid color. Bare (or barely stained) wood is rustic, rural and has a period feel to it. White paint can instantly transform the wood into something that will suit anywhere.

Wood vs Vinyl

There's a rather sad trend towards vinyl shutters, and people who opt for vinyl are missing out. Vinyl and uPVC shutters may seem more hardwearing and easier to take care of, but they look boring and clinical compared to wood, and they have another significant downside too. Wood shutters can be made from wood sourced from sustainable forests, or can be made from recycled or reclaimed wood. They are easy to repair and take care of, and if you ever do come to dispose of them the wood can be upcycled or recycled. The environmental impact of having wooden shutters made is minimal.

The same cannot be said of plastics. It costs a lot of energy and materials to make them, and they're near useless when they're disposed of too. Even ignoring the aesthetic argument, there are clear reasons why you would want to buy wooden shutters.

For Any Room

Wooden window shutters are popular in kitchens, and in the living room, but they're great for the bedroom too, because they frame the window nicely, and they block out a lot of light when you close them - so you'll get a nice night's sleep! The only room that they may not be ideal for is the bathroom, where humidity could be an issue.

If you're thinking of buying wooden window shutters, make sure you get them made to measure, so that they are a perfect fit for your window. Even 'standard' window sizes aren't always exactly what you expect (especially in older homes, where the foundations may have shifted slightly). It doesn't take much to get the windows re-measured, to ensure that the shutters really are a good fit.

For external shutters, make sure that you stain or paint them properly. Water-based paints and stains will not offer enough protection against the elements and latex paints may peel over time, so opt for an oil based product if possible.


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