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Energy Efficient Air Conditioners On Sale

The longing to sit in cooler surroundings or under the shade grips us all, as the degrees start rising on the thermometer. While many people prefer a central air conditioning system to beat the heat, the ban imposed on them after the Montreal Protocol has stopped their production. The world is now forced to opt for other options, which are more energy efficient as well as environmental friendly.

When you are looking to cool down your surroundings, buying an air conditioner is the ideal solution. However, it is not a simple task anymore because it is not just about selecting the cheapest model. Several elements can hinder the functionality of your unit, even after the installation of the air conditioner. Therefore, the wisest decision that you can make is to buy an air conditioner that may not be the lowest in price, but is highly energy efficient and built to last. This can truly work wonders for your future utility bills and indoor comfort.

An energy efficient air conditioner is not only a great choice for your long term expenses but it is also a good investment for the well being of the environment as it puts lesser burden on the natural resources being used. With all these advantages, an energy efficient air conditioner is the best choice when it comes to purchasing room cooling HVAC solutions.

How to check the energy efficiency of an air conditioner

One major mistake that many buyers make when selecting an air conditioner is that they ignore certain important features that must be present in the model of our choice. Most of us look for the cheapest model with the maximum cooling capacity. However, with the growing awareness, many people have realized that there are smarter methods to determine to best choice.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) are two of the best ways to check the energy efficiency of any air conditioner unit. Units with a higher SEER are more energy efficient and therefore, are more eco-friendly. But a higher SEER and EER mean that the initial cost of these air conditioners is considerably higher than the prices of their less efficient counterparts.

One way to resolve this issue is to buy an air conditioner with a higher SEER when it is on sale. However, you must consider many other things before buying energy efficient air conditioners on sale.

Is that energy efficient unit on sale worth buying?

Although buying an air conditioner on sale sounds like a great idea when considered the hiking prices but there are a few things that must be taken care of before making the final decision. Energy efficiency is not the only thing you should be considering when buying an air conditioner, there are number of other factors to be considered as well.

Given below are a few of those reasons, which make an air conditioner desirable, irrespective of its energy efficiency:


When buying an air conditioner on sale, make sure that you check the various parts, especially the filters. It is also important to know the location of the filters so that you can clean them as needed. Proper cleaning of the unit increases its longevity.

Filters are also important as they control the air quality coming from the air conditioners. Better air quality is necessary for our health as well.  


It is not enough to find an affordable energy efficient unit. You must also consider its size. Make sure that you buy an air conditioner that is perfect for the size of the room in which you plan to install it.


When buying an air conditioner on sale, always check its warranty. It is essential in case any problem arises in the future with the unit.

In the US, air-conditioned homes use a total of $11 billion in energy, which means that for every house with an air conditioner, about 2 tons of carbon dioxide is released. One way to control the alarming state of affairs is to encourage people to buy energy efficient air conditioners on sale.






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