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Enjoy The Beauty Of Full Height Shutters

A Throwback To Tara Gone With The Wind featured wide-sweeping staircases and detailed window treatments, including one staple in the South even today -- plantation shutters.

The advantage of this style of shutter has long been valued for its function, opening as one solid piece. Such operation makes it easier to open, keep clean, and maintain because there is no fabric, and the slats tend to be wider than on other shutters.

Easy to keep clean Quiet when operating

Functionality And Clean Design

Enjoy the beauty of full height shutters that add a layer of privacy and clean lines to a home's decor. To maintain the single panel, even over larger window expanses, the shutters may be hinged together to open just like an accordion.

Single panel simplifies the shutters Add privacy, sun protection, and insulation without detracting from the interior design.

Styles And Insulation

Full height shutters maintain the look over an entire window. While most consider plantation shutters only with the slats, they are also available as solid or semi-solid panels. This blocks out more sun and heat while maintaining the overall classic design of the home's interior.

Newer renditions of shades and hardware are definitely functional but oftentimes are too industrial or modern looking for the quiet elegance homeowners' want from their shades. Rather than give up beauty, full height shutters are crafted from wood and alternative materials that make the same statement without the heft and fickleness of more costly wood.

Keep functional with today's technology while embracing yesterday's elegant lines. Seek alternatives to fickle wood.

Material Matters Wood, especially sitting in the opening of a window, will take on moisture, heat, dryness, and then start to warp, crack, and rot. Wood requires sanding and repainting every couple of years and homeowners pay a lot more upfront for the honor of owning wood. Instead, many families have been using a poly material.

Polyvinyl is an alternative that is lightweight, easy to keep clean and requires no maintenance. They are also typically far less expensive than the hardwood used in shutters. They will not warp, provide excellent insulation properties, and may be treated to be fire retardant as well.

The aluminum core is clad in vinyl to provide insulation. Aluminum, as a metal, conducts unwanted heat or cold air into the home. Vinyl cladding around the metal provides a thermal break, which stops the transfer of outside temps inside.

Consider materials such as vinyl and aluminum. Look at purchasing polyvinyl for low maintenance while maximizing insulation.

Adding Beauty, Color, And Texture

The variety of color that shades may add to a home run the spectrum, from neutral to bright or grounding and dark. Consider how natural wood or even vinyl can be textured to keep with the look of a space for greater enjoyment.

Enjoy expansive views from full shutters. They are quiet, which allows operation even in a cozy cottage setting without waking up other slumbering members of the household. Consider many different textures, colors, styles, and materials to maximize the benefits of plantation shades.


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