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Espresso Machines And Their Origin

There is no denying the fact that Americans have a thing for coffee. Especially when it comes to Espresso, it happens to be one of the most widely consumed types of coffee.


Espresso is easily the best coffee you can have. It is made by passing boiling water through a compact coffee bag which results in a syrupy beverage. This method allows the extraction of both the dissolved and solid components to be found in the coffee. Although this is a general explanation of making an espresso, there isn’t any specific standard followed around the world.

Espresso Machines

Back in the year 1884, Angelo Moriondo – an Italian – brought the concept of an espresso machine. His invention was a great hit and was used for over a century before getting redesigned in 1991. This design was put forward by an Italian company named La Pavoni which basically produced espresso machines based on Luigi Bezzera’s design from 1901.

Ninety years later, in 1991, La Pavoni completely redesigned these machines and set a new base for them. In the past, espresso was associated with social gatherings since its complicated machinery did not allow its production at homes. However, modern technology has changed all that.

Even though espresso is still one of the widely ordered coffees at cafes, there are contemporary, electrical, easy to use espresso makers available in the market right now. Needless to say, most homes already have their own espresso maker. Their new designs allow the previously large machinery to be shrunken into small, easy to place gadgets that are perfect for in-house use.

Espresso machines are present in four different categories in the market: Semi auto, fully auto, manual, and super automatic. While the manual and semi auto ones are not commonly used, the fully auto and super automatics categories can be easily found in different coffee shops or in superstores for sale.

Top features in Espresso Makers

Let us go through some of the top features that are found in the espresso makers today:

  • Several espresso makers today come with in-built grinders which allow you one less thing to do.
  • User-friendly apparatus and interface for making a better cup of coffee in an easier way.
  • Certain espresso makers in the market are available with a dual usage. You can either use coffee grounds or even the capsules/pods to make coffee with them.

Interesting Facts about Espresso Machines

  • Back in 1922, Universal entered the business of producing these machines, and even did quite well in it for over a decade before mysteriously leaving the market.
  • The espresso we drink today was not always this way. The true brewing method being used today is based on the concept of brewing that came forward in the year 1948 when La Pavoni, among several other companies, started brewing on a method that was introduced by Gaggia.
  • The first espresso machine that came to America was La Pavoni’s two-group machine. It was installed in Regio’s Bar in New York City and is still on display.



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