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How Do You Clean Yours?

We all like to clean our cars, especially if they are new. The same should apply to your pool. Especially an in-ground pool which is an investment for life and can cause a heck of a lot more than any car.

A dirty pool looks plain bad. But it can also be quite dangerous to your health. You have to follow strict procedures to make sure the pool water is of the right chemistry. You of course use a water calculator which basically tests how acidic the water is.

After you get the reading which shows the relative acidic levels you then adjust the chemicals you add to the pool to raise or lower the readings until they fall into the safe zone- its usually between 7.4-7.9. Any less or more creates an unsafe and unpleasant pool to swim in.

For cleaning and sanitizing the pool there are several tools you can use to help with the process. The skimmer, the pump and your filter will do a great job, but their job is one of function, making sure the water in your pool is circulating and returning to the skimmers. Dirt will still build up so you will have to use telepoles, wall and floor brushes.

Other tools you can use include leaf vacuums, acid spotters, the good old garden hose, or something even better- a pool vacuum and all in one cleaner which you can learn about here.


If you have young children, there are lots of electronic alarms you can make use off. You can set a virtual electronic barrier around the perimeter of your pool. If anyone breaches it the alarm sounds. Although this wont prevent anyone from entering the pool when you are not around.

For this you can use a pool cover, it has to be tight to be effective. A cover reel usually enables you to place the cover on a lot tighter.

For small children or those who arent good swimmers floats and a shepherds hook are great for pool safety. You can also get bad swimmers or children to use waist belts and arm bands to keep them afloat. Children can drown in a matter of seconds. Just think if the telephone rang inside the house or you went to the bathroom or to make a coffee. Thats all the time it can take for a fatality to occur.

Be safe and invest in the right tools to keep you and your pool healthy at all times.


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