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Is Fake Grass In The Uk Worth It?

In a country that, on average, sees rain once every three days, you might think we would be a nation that has impeccably green and full gardens, but the reality is somewhat different. Of course, the public gardens that are carefully designed, cultivated and tended to by a team of professionals behind the scenes gives the impression that managing a garden is without hard work, but this is simply not true.

The work that goes into cultivating a garden that looks as good as our aspirations is a lot more intensive than first believed, and is not without many setbacks.

While grass and flowers need to be watered to ensure their survival, the rate and volume of rain in this country are not at all like the statistic would have you believe. It comes in huge outbursts and floods followed by no rain for a fortnight or even the odd drought. This unpredictable weather can often leave our gardens over-watered at some points during the year and entirely parched at others.

Whether your garden is drowning or patchy due to lack of sunlight and over-use, there is a solution. fake grass uk has all the rage types you need, and it isnt hard to see why. They look perfectly maintained all year round with minimal input required; they remove the mud tracked through the house, and you can even use it as a filter to collect rainwater in an underwater storage tank for use during times of low rain.

These facts should be more than enough to convince you that there is an alternative to a washed our garden, but for those of you that need more convincing, we have some top tips to ensure your garden looks at its best all year round.

Avoid using chemical and pesticides, and instead, opt for flowers and plants that work well with your local soil and are resilient to weather. These types of flowers will often attract the right kind of insects that will keep the pests at bay.

Grow herbs for use in the kitchen using a window box of using a selection of pots on the patio. This will add fragrance to your garden that is as tantalising as it is fresh. You can even grow vegetables in planters so reduce food costs even more.

Choose flowers that bloom for longer periods throughout the year or plant your bulbs intermittently to ensure your borders are always full of flowers and colour. Remember to research which flowers will work best with the weather in your area!

With your lawn being perfectly manicured all year round, you will have much more time to spend in your garden, relaxing instead of being put to work. Is it worth it? Well let you make your own mind up, but the facts speak for themselves.


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