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Paulownia Wood Shutters: An Eco-friendly Solution

Paulownia trees are prized in parts of Asia because they grow very quickly. Sometimes they are also called Empress or Princess trees. They are used as both shade trees and a source of timber. Today, people in the West have noticed some very positive qualities of these trees.

In fact, these trees grow so quickly that they are sometimes considered an invasive species in North America. However, that very quality makes them an eco-friendly choice for timber. Because of this, the tree has been planted in many regions of the US and Canada. The timber may also be imported from native regions. They are particularly suited for applications like making Paulownia shutters.

About Paulownia Trees

The tree isn't native to North America in recent times, but it does grow well from Canada to Florida. Carefully farmed, this Asian native tree can provide a source of sustainable timber that is excellent for use in such applications as Paulownia wood shutters. In fact, these trees can be harvested for their wood in about five years.

It's interesting to note that scientists have discovered that this tree actually was native to North America before the last ice age, when it went extinct on this continent. In some cases, the wood for shutters may be imported from native regions. In other cases, it may be from new plantings in North America or Europe.

Advantages Of Paulownia Wood For Shutters

Consumers with concerns about our forests may consider this type of wood because of the tree's sustainability. The timber is already commonly used and prized in its own native regions. The characteristics of this wood that make it ideal for shutters are the facts that is is tough and light. That makes it a more durable solution that other kinds of light wood.

There are a few good reasons to prefer natural wood shutters:

* Properly cared for, these shutters should last as long as the building they are installed in. * Wood provides natural insulation, so wood can be an eco-friendly choice for many reasons. * As a design element, wooden shutters can make a room look elegant or earthy. * A coating or paint can be applied to this kind or wood to make it easier to maintain and extend its lifespan.


This kind of wood is also good for molding, veneers, and even musical instruments. Some lightweight furniture is also constructed from this type of timber. It's interesting to know that these trees are traditionally planted in Japan when a baby girl is born. When she gets married, the timber is used to construct a wedding chest for the bride.

Why Buy Paulownia Shutters?

Certainly, durability and sustainability are great reasons to buy these timber shutters. The fact that wood is a natural insulator also makes them a fine choice for people who want to keep their homes or offices more comfortable and reduce their use of power. Of course, wooden shutters match almost any kind of decor in a room.


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