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Rating The Pentair Mastertemp Pool Heater Range

Pentair has built a great reputation in the United States for the quality of their pool motors and the associated parts which make their pool heaters tick over reliably. Most reviewers are of the opinion that if you want to change your pool from a frigid winter experience to a year round warm and cost effective entertainment option, then Pentair is one of the go to solutions for pool heaters.

It's interesting to note that Pentair also produce a wide range of pool maintenance products and they also own STA-RITE which gives them considerable clout as the leaders in the pool market.

So how does their bestselling natural gas MasterTemp range of pool heaters perform?

Firstly, reviews seem to indicate that the range stacks up very well against units from other manufacturers in the same power range. According to this is the fastest heater you can buy. They have a massive more thorough review here: My Pool Guide - Pentair MasterTemp 400 review.

The Mastertemp 400 range (one of the most popular) comes in three different model variants, the Pentair 460736 which is the company's standard model, the Pentair 460805 which is a heavy duty variant and the Pentair 460775 which has the stamp of approval when it comes to durability of the components used in the system.

Each of these is extremely tough and reliable and is massively energy efficient.

The range also scores as far as ease of use is concerned. The rotating digital display makes maintaining a constant temperature extremely easy and monitoring as a breeze. Pool owners can constantly monitor pool temperature and an easy to understand LED system shows when the system requires servicing and which components require attention.

Another bonus feature of this range of pool heaters is that they are all extremely quiet in operation. Users of other, competing models have complained that the operation of those can actually impact on the enjoyment of a day at the pool.

If you have other control systems fitted and want to upgrade to a MasterTemp unit you won't have worry about replacing the entire heating system these units have no problem in communicating with legacy control units.

The news for salt water pool owners is also good. The 400 HD units make use of a copper nickel alloy which is used in marine applications and stands up to the corrosive properties of salt water extremely well. They'll certainly outlast the standard unit, however it will cost more to purchase.

All in all Pentair MasterTemp gas heating units score highly with durability, ease of operation and ruggedness - all contributing to making them great value for money for pool owners.


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