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Selling Real Estate Without An Agent In Latin America

Everyone wants to save money on major purchases. For the smart and dedicated homeowner, saving money by selling your own home without hiring a realtor is highly possible. The fact is that most state laws do not require the use of a third-party (real estate) agent when selling a house, though you may need to check first locally.

Paying for a realtor's commission can be very expensive and daunting because the fee, which is usually based on a certain percentage of the homes cost it can pile up to several thousand dollars!

On the other hand, deciding to self-list your own home yourself through free classified ads or in local Spanish clasificados gratis, can give you a lot of benefits.

1. Buyers prefer listings without a realtor for price flexibility.

Without a realtor, the seller doesnât have to pay a five percent commission to the agent, so he or she can be more flexible on offering his or her listings pricing. This is good news to savvy buyers because their number one goal when buying property is to save money.

2. Both you and the buyer wont have to deal with a middleman.

A lot of buyers want to work with sellers directly so they can cut out all the hassles involved with having a middleman. They can rest assured that the seller directly understands their interests accurately, and that is without the need to relay messages via an agent or to wait long for callbacks.

You, as the seller, also get the opportunity to relay to the buyer your own offers, goals, or needs directly.

3. Negotiating is easier and faster without a realtor.

If you are selling your property without an agent or realtor and doing so via free classified ads, you can stage your For Sale Home By Owner exactly as you want it. And you can also do your own marketing strategies exactly as you see it fit.

Whats more, during negotiations, you get to see how the buyer becomes emotionally attached to your property so you can adjust your price and offerings accordingly and be able to close a deal immediately.

Remember though that when selling your property without the services of an agent, there are necessary steps you need to take, including open house preparations as well as precautions, and proper documentation as you put your house in a listing page.

Be careful when dealing with strangers and accept only written or documented offers. If the buyer is really serious, he or she will take the time write up his or her offer. For the contract, you can download online or ask one from a real estate attorney. You must also require the buyer to purchase a buyer's title insurance policy. The contract, too, should be accompanied with an initial deposit check and mortgage pre-approval document from a qualified lender.

On your part, you need to create a list of all your upgrades or improvement disclosures.

Read the buyers offer and if you both are able to come to terms with the price, affix your signatures on the contract and send it along with all necessary paperwork to a real estate lawyer for the attorneys approval

You can expect other reasons, too, why a buyer may not be going through with the deal after all. These reasons can be due to bank appraisal or inspection issues, which are considered contract contingencies. But if the agreement pushes through, then get ready for turnover.

A few days before the closing, arrange for the houseâs final water reading, pack and get moving. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep the house in the exact same condition as when the buyer had originally inspected it (except maybe for some repairs or replacements you had agreed upon).

With todays technology and various databases of property listings available online including free classified ads, if you just know how to do things right, then both buying and selling a home without a realtor or agent provides many great benefits for both seller and buyer.


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