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The Advantages Of Double Glazing

In simple terms, double glazing may be defined as the process of using two panes of glass to make a window. These two panes of glass have space ranging between 16 to 19 mm between them. There are a number of advantages of using windows of this type.

Dry air trapped between the two panes of glass offers an extra layer of insulation. Sometimes, a drying agent is also used to get rid of any moisture present inside the unit before it is completely sealed off to ensure proper insulation.

It is important for these windows to be airtight to provide proper insulation. It is estimated that 60% of heat loss in a typical home occurs through single pane windows. In other words, it is possible to save a lot of energy loss by using double glazed windows. Homeowners can save so much money on heating bills that the windows pay for itself in a short period of time. It has been observed that these windows can reduce heat loss by 10-12% when used in the right manner.

Another advantage of these windows is that these are environmentally friendly. Many people are not aware of the fact that homes account for a quarter of all the CO2 emissions and replacing single pane windows with double glazed windows helps in reducing these CO2 emissions by combating energy loss. These windows not only help in decreasing the heating bills but these also cut down on internal condensation and noise pollution.

These windows also offer better security to the homes as many intruders come in to a home through windows and doors. These are more secure as compared to single pane windows as these are difficult to break and also come with their own locking system. These windows also help in enhancing the value of a property as these enhance the appearance of any property. These windows are available in a variety of styles and designs ranging from PVC windows to aluminum windows to hardwood windows.

In addition to getting double glazed windows, you also have the option to get secondary glazing installed on the existing windows. Many houses already have sound windows, but secondary glazing offers the option of experiencing the benefits of double glazing without replacing the existing windows. An extra window can be internally fitted against the original window. It is a cost-effective manner to get the benefits of a double glazed window.


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