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Paulownia Wood Shutters: An Eco-friendly Solution

Paulownia trees are prized in parts of Asia because they grow very quickly. Sometimes they are also called Empress or Princess trees. They are used as both shade trees and a source of timber. Today, people in the West have noticed some very positive qualities of these trees.

In fact, these trees grow so quickly that they are sometimes considered an invasive species in North America. However, that very quality makes them an eco-friendly choice for timber. Because of this, the tree has been planted in many regions of the US and Canada. The timber may also be imported from native regions. They are particularly suited for applications like making Paulownia shutters.

About Paulownia Trees

The tree isn't native to North America in recent times, but it does grow well from Canada to Florida. Carefully farmed, this Asian native tree can provide a source of sustainable timber that is excellent for use in such applications as Paulownia wood shutters. In fact, these trees can be harvested for their wood in about five years.

It's interesting to note that scientists have discovered that this tree actually was native to North America before the last ice age, when it went extinct on this continent. In some cases, the wood for shutters may be imported from native regions. In other cases, it may be from new plantings in North America or Europe.

Advantages Of Paulownia Wood For Shutters

Consumers with concerns about our forests may consider this type of wood because of the tree's sustainability. The timber is already commonly used and prized in its own native regions. The characteristics of this wood that make it ideal for shutters are the facts that is is tough and light. That makes it a more durable solution that other kinds of light wood.

There are a few good reasons to prefer natural wood shutters:

* Properly cared for, these shutters should last as long as the building they are installed in. * Wood provides natural insulation, so wood can be an eco-friendly choice for many reasons. * As a design element, wooden shutters can make a room look elegant or earthy. * A coating or paint can be applied to this kind or wood to make it easier to maintain and extend its lifespan.


This kind of wood is also good for molding, veneers, and even musical instruments. Some lightweight furniture is also constructed from this type of timber. It's interesting to know that these trees are traditionally planted in Japan when a baby girl is born. When she gets married, the timber is used to construct a wedding chest for the bride.

Why Buy Paulownia Shutters?

Certainly, durability and sustainability are great reasons to buy these timber shutters. The fact that wood is a natural insulator also makes them a fine choice for people who want to keep their homes or offices more comfortable and reduce their use of power. Of course, wooden shutters match almost any kind of decor in a room.

How Can I Clean Composite Decking?

Deck colours can weather over time and how this happens depends greatly on the environmental conditions and natural weathering process. Allowing decks to be exposed to excessive heat such as reflecting sunlight, fire or any other heat sources, may damage them. These can far exceed the exposure of normal direct sunlight and cause increased expansion contraction, warping, distorted surface discolouration, unusual weathering, sagging and melting. Static electricity may occur if certain environmental conditions are present. TimberTech decks are a lot cooler than most similar products, but it is important to be aware that the darker shaded decks will always feel hotter than those that are lighter in colour.

It is vital that the TimberTech Decks are kept free of the accumulation of airborne dust from masonry or landscape blocks, as this can damage the surface. Maintain a safe distance when cutting products in the same area. Be sure to quickly remove clay, site dust, mud, dirt and any other construction residue from TimberTech decks. Hot metal debris from cutting close by, can become embedded in the deck causing permanent damage and stains.

If you were wondering, ''How can I clean composite decking?'' look no further. The cleaning procedure is as follows:- 

You will need to keep the area you are cleaning fully saturated until you are ready to rise. Ensure that you only work on small manageable areas one at a time. Allow the area to soak after saturating, without evaporating or drying out. Using moderate downward pressure, scrub with a brush along the grain and then against the grain, ensuring that you access the texture of the surface. Cleaner residue will leave a haze or film on the deck surface when drying if it is not thoroughly rinsed. 

All TimberTech decks have been made to minimize staining and inhibit the growth of mildew. You no longer have to wonder how to clean your composite deck when rinsing your decks periodically with a hose to prevent a build-up of debris or pollen, is always a good idea, even if it appears to be clean. Where pollens, dirt or moisture are found, mildew stains can occur. Make sure that your deck always drains water effectively. Wood resins, wood, debris, dirt, pollens and grass can be a good food source for growing mildew. Mildew is easily controlled through maintaining a clean and dry surface.

You may need to tread with caution on your TimberTech deck during the winter months as they can become slippery. Although most products containing calcium chloride may leave a white residue that can be removed, they are safe to use without damaging the surfaces of decks and porches. Plastic shovels with a metal edge or metal shovels can damage the TimberTech decking surface and are not the best tools for clearing snow on your composite decking. Power washing is another recommended cleaning option and specialized cleaning products are listed on the site which you can visit at

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners On Sale

The longing to sit in cooler surroundings or under the shade grips us all, as the degrees start rising on the thermometer. While many people prefer a central air conditioning system to beat the heat, the ban imposed on them after the Montreal Protocol has stopped their production. The world is now forced to opt for other options, which are more energy efficient as well as environmental friendly.

When you are looking to cool down your surroundings, buying an air conditioner is the ideal solution. However, it is not a simple task anymore because it is not just about selecting the cheapest model. Several elements can hinder the functionality of your unit, even after the installation of the air conditioner. Therefore, the wisest decision that you can make is to buy an air conditioner that may not be the lowest in price, but is highly energy efficient and built to last. This can truly work wonders for your future utility bills and indoor comfort.

An energy efficient air conditioner is not only a great choice for your long term expenses but it is also a good investment for the well being of the environment as it puts lesser burden on the natural resources being used. With all these advantages, an energy efficient air conditioner is the best choice when it comes to purchasing room cooling HVAC solutions.

How to check the energy efficiency of an air conditioner

One major mistake that many buyers make when selecting an air conditioner is that they ignore certain important features that must be present in the model of our choice. Most of us look for the cheapest model with the maximum cooling capacity. However, with the growing awareness, many people have realized that there are smarter methods to determine to best choice.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) are two of the best ways to check the energy efficiency of any air conditioner unit. Units with a higher SEER are more energy efficient and therefore, are more eco-friendly. But a higher SEER and EER mean that the initial cost of these air conditioners is considerably higher than the prices of their less efficient counterparts.

One way to resolve this issue is to buy an air conditioner with a higher SEER when it is on sale. However, you must consider many other things before buying energy efficient air conditioners on sale.

Is that energy efficient unit on sale worth buying?

Although buying an air conditioner on sale sounds like a great idea when considered the hiking prices but there are a few things that must be taken care of before making the final decision. Energy efficiency is not the only thing you should be considering when buying an air conditioner, there are number of other factors to be considered as well.

Given below are a few of those reasons, which make an air conditioner desirable, irrespective of its energy efficiency:


When buying an air conditioner on sale, make sure that you check the various parts, especially the filters. It is also important to know the location of the filters so that you can clean them as needed. Proper cleaning of the unit increases its longevity.

Filters are also important as they control the air quality coming from the air conditioners. Better air quality is necessary for our health as well.  


It is not enough to find an affordable energy efficient unit. You must also consider its size. Make sure that you buy an air conditioner that is perfect for the size of the room in which you plan to install it.


When buying an air conditioner on sale, always check its warranty. It is essential in case any problem arises in the future with the unit.

In the US, air-conditioned homes use a total of $11 billion in energy, which means that for every house with an air conditioner, about 2 tons of carbon dioxide is released. One way to control the alarming state of affairs is to encourage people to buy energy efficient air conditioners on sale.





Espresso Machines And Their Origin

There is no denying the fact that Americans have a thing for coffee. Especially when it comes to Espresso, it happens to be one of the most widely consumed types of coffee.


Espresso is easily the best coffee you can have. It is made by passing boiling water through a compact coffee bag which results in a syrupy beverage. This method allows the extraction of both the dissolved and solid components to be found in the coffee. Although this is a general explanation of making an espresso, there isn’t any specific standard followed around the world.

Espresso Machines

Back in the year 1884, Angelo Moriondo – an Italian – brought the concept of an espresso machine. His invention was a great hit and was used for over a century before getting redesigned in 1991. This design was put forward by an Italian company named La Pavoni which basically produced espresso machines based on Luigi Bezzera’s design from 1901.

Ninety years later, in 1991, La Pavoni completely redesigned these machines and set a new base for them. In the past, espresso was associated with social gatherings since its complicated machinery did not allow its production at homes. However, modern technology has changed all that.

Even though espresso is still one of the widely ordered coffees at cafes, there are contemporary, electrical, easy to use espresso makers available in the market right now. Needless to say, most homes already have their own espresso maker. Their new designs allow the previously large machinery to be shrunken into small, easy to place gadgets that are perfect for in-house use.

Espresso machines are present in four different categories in the market: Semi auto, fully auto, manual, and super automatic. While the manual and semi auto ones are not commonly used, the fully auto and super automatics categories can be easily found in different coffee shops or in superstores for sale.

Top features in Espresso Makers

Let us go through some of the top features that are found in the espresso makers today:

  • Several espresso makers today come with in-built grinders which allow you one less thing to do.
  • User-friendly apparatus and interface for making a better cup of coffee in an easier way.
  • Certain espresso makers in the market are available with a dual usage. You can either use coffee grounds or even the capsules/pods to make coffee with them.

Interesting Facts about Espresso Machines

  • Back in 1922, Universal entered the business of producing these machines, and even did quite well in it for over a decade before mysteriously leaving the market.
  • The espresso we drink today was not always this way. The true brewing method being used today is based on the concept of brewing that came forward in the year 1948 when La Pavoni, among several other companies, started brewing on a method that was introduced by Gaggia.
  • The first espresso machine that came to America was La Pavoni’s two-group machine. It was installed in Regio’s Bar in New York City and is still on display.