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Are Shutters The Best Option For Confidentiality?

When selecting a window covering to create privacy and confidentiality there are many options, blinds, curtains, and shades are all ok choices. Then there are shutters. These usually wooden or faux wooden window coverings are a perfect touch of homey charm and practicality all rolled into one piece.

Shutters can be used both on the exterior and interior of your home. When shopping for exterior shutters choose a faux wood design. These shutters are made out a PVC and vinyl composite material that resembles the look of wood even up close. The nice thing about the faux wood as opposed to the real wood is that the imposter will withstand moisture and outdoor wear and tear much longer than traditional wood. The faux wood shutters can be place open to create a tasteful décor look during the day. When evening arrives, you can close the shutters so that onlookers will not be able to see into your home. Not only are outdoor shutters functional during the evening, but they also come in handy during windy storms. Closing the shutters can help prevent damage to your fragile glass windows.

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If you are choosing indoor shutters you can choose either the real wood or faux wood variety of shutters. Since the window covering will not be susceptible to wind and moisture like outside you will not have to worry as much about damage to the shutters. You can choose to outfit a few windows in your home with shutters, or all of them. Indoor shutters make it easy to close out unwanted viewers from your home. Unlike the outdoor versions, closing inside shutters does not include having to go outside and make sure the shutters are securely held together by the locking clasp in case of wind. Indoor shutters can easily and quickly be closed with little chance of interference.

Shutters make a great option for confidentiality because of their slanted bars. The bars can either be fixed and non-moveable or able to move with use of a stick or handle. The mobile bars create the most privacy by locking out all vision through the window with one touch. The non-moveable versions are useful for second floor windows that arent as easy to see into. Also, with the changeable versions of shutters you can open them to peer out your window without having to pull the shutter back completely. It is a matter of choice, but that mobile shutters are generally recommended and preferred.

When shopping for window coverings for your home take into account the amount of confidentiality you will want. If you want complete non-visual clearance through your windows shutters are the best choice. Since they are a solid material no one will be able to see into your home. They are a perfect accent to any décor and can be used in many ways both inside and outside. Consider having them installed instead of drapes or blinds for the most confidential window covering available on the market today.